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Brazilian novel inspired by Pride & Prejudice praises K-POP

    Hello, dear readers of my blog!

    In February 2019, will be released in Brazil and Portugal a novel titled "Orgulho e Preconceito K-POP" ("Pride and Prejudice K-POP"). This is a novel inspired by Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, set in the universe of K-POP (Korean Pop or South Korean Pop). Those who know me know that Jane Austen has been my greatest literary inspiration and since I discovered K-POP, I have become passionate about this musical genre and its wonderful groups. So, I decided to honor my literary diva and K-POP fans, putting everything together into one book.

    In my website www.anapaulascolari.com you can follow the agenda of events and other information.

    The book is being published by the Portuguese publisher Chiado Books, in portuguese. If more than 5,000 copies are sold, the book will be translated into English and Spanish.

   This book is a novel that seeks to rescue the essence of the novels of the nineteenth century, in romanticism, in the innocence of love. If you like vintage romances, you will feel like you are reading one, if you like K-POP, you will find this whole universe on the pages, if you like Jane Austen, you will feel the references and I have been very careful in this regard. I tried not to copy but to bring the main nuances of our queen Jane Austen's P&P.


    "Pride and prejudice are two sides of the same coin. Prejudice, almost always, carries pride in itself, just as pride often carries prejudice itself.When these two feelings head on, only love can heal it.

    Daniel, Alex, Lívia and Mari are four Brazilian brothers, children of a South Korean couple. Young and dreamy, they will live with their uncles in South Korea in pursuit of the goal of becoming K-POP idols. When they arrive in Seoul, they go to the mansion of their cousin Sarang, where Daniel and Alex personally meet Hyuna and Aileen, members of the K-GIRLS group, whom they so admire. Alex and Aileen fall in love at first sight, while Daniel and Hyuna loathe at first sight. Very talented, the boys are chosen to join a selection of singers for a new musical group, but the biggest challenge they will encounter along the way will be to overcome their pride and prejudice to live the love.


Title: "Orgulho e Preconceito K-POP"

Author: Ana Paula Scolari

Publisher: Chiado Books

Idiom: Portuguese

Pages: 367

First Edition: December, 2018

ISBN: 978-989-52-4692-2

Legal Deposit No. 447936/18

Printed in Lisbon by Chiado Books


    The book will go on sale in February / 2019 in the best bookstores and sites in Brazil and Portugal and in Chiado Books official bookstore https://www.chiadobooks.com/livraria?top20

Stay tuned on my official website www.anapaulascolari.com   and on my social networks: Instagram and Twitter @apsescritora for release date and autograph session.

    I ask you to help me spread the word and to come back here after reading and give me feedback about the book.

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